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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs speech or language therapy?

​Your child may benefit from speech/language therapy if you answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions:

  • Is your child behind in meeting speech and language milestones?

  • Does your child have limited words or primarily use gestures to communicate?

  • Do you or others have difficulty understanding your child?

  • Does your child have difficulty saying certain sounds?

  • Is your child having difficulty understanding what is being said or following directions?

  • Does your child avoid social interaction or have difficulty interacting with peers?

  • Is your child struggling with reading and/or writing?

  • Is there a family history of speech and/or language disorders?

  • Does your child have another condition that puts her/him at risk for a speech/language disorder, such as a genetic disorder or Autism?


These are only general areas of concern. Please schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns and determine if an evaluation or therapy is recommended. 

How do We Get Started?

Contact Chatterbox Kids at 574-404-3212 to speak directly with Chelsea. Parents can self-refer their child as we do not require a physician's referral/prescription to get started. During our initial conversation, we will discuss your concerns and be able to determine if an evaluation or therapy is recommended. 

What areas do you offer in-person therapy?

Chatterbox Kids services the following cities in Michigan and Indiana: Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Niles, Buchanan, Edwardsburg, Elkhart, Granger, and Mishawaka. Teletherapy is also available and provided to anyone anywhere in Indiana or Michigan.

Do you accept insurance?

Chatterbox Kids is an out-of-network provider. We will provide you a superbill as a statement of your services. You can submit the superbill on your own behalf to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. We recommend checking your out-of-network benefits with your insurance company. 

Is an evaluation required prior to services beginning?

All new clients must be evaluated prior to treatment unless an evaluation has occurred in the last six months in the areas of concern. Evaluations are a very important part of the treatment process as they allow us to determine the underlying cause of a child's challenges. 

What is your attendance/cancellation policy?

While Chatterbox Kids understands that illnesses and emergencies occur, we respectfully request that you avoid frequent cancellations or “no shows”. We require 24-hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee. Whenever possible, we will work with the family to move in-person sessions to teletherapy to ensure there is no disruption in care. Advance notification for any cancellations resulting from a conflicting appointment, vacation, obligations for work or family, or any other event is always appreciated. Please refer to our cancellation policy in your intake paperwork for additional information. 

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